About Scarlett and Giselle

My grandmother taught me to sew when I was eight years old. I always loved watching her hands, the way they created something out of nothing. It felt like a ritual–even the clothes she made for my dolls felt magical. I am so honored that she passed her alchemy onto me. The feminine always felt wrapped up in the creative for me. I learned long ago that fashion and clothing was only deemed “frivolous” because it was thought of as “a woman’s art.” I relish in breaking that idea down and honoring female creativity of all kinds.

I began blogging when I was fifteen. I had a little online space called Oh, Bother where I posted my outfits and photography. It helped me express myself, and helped me discover those stirrings of feminism before I knew what the word meant. Today I honor those beginnings with Scarlett and Giselle, but instead of my outfits I post my creations, conversations, and inspirations. Scarlett and Giselle is a place for making, celebrating, exploring, and learning. I share the stories and creations of women dead and alive, real and imaginary. Creativity and femininity of all kinds inspire me, and here I seek to celebrate the women who use their tools, whatever they may be (hands, needles, cameras, brushes, minds, hearts, and bodies), to redefine what “women’s work” really is. Scarlett and Giselle is a love letter to women and their work.

About Jenna

I’m a girlย from the forests of California. I’m a photographer and maker. I studied art history and I’m interested in howย women are represented throughout visual culture. I also like magic, love, exploring, trees, mythology, and stories.