End of Summer Moth Collection

So excited to have some new work to share! It’s been…well, you know. It’s been a pandemic. Having new work listed in my shop feels very good, and it makes it feel like the world keeps on turning. In California, the air is filled with smoke and it’ll be one of the hottest weekends yet here, but I’m very much looking forward to the return of autumn and sending off the summer months with a grateful goodbye. So, as a celebration of the transition between summer and fall, I created a couple moth embroideries on some beautiful vintage pieces! I feel like moths are the perfect creature to bridge the hot summer nights and the upcoming spooky vibes.

For this mini collection, I created a luna moth on a vintage handmade peach cami, a pink moth on a stunning satin garter belt from the 50s, and a brighter blue moth on a flowy cotton slip dress. While I love the designs of these pieces, this collection sort of threw into harsh light the struggles of buying size-inclusive vintage pieces. I love using vintage pieces to embroider on because it is more sustainable than making a new item, and because I just love the designs of the past, but my god, the sizes run so small! The dress and garter belt in this collection are teeeeny tiny, and I really want to find a way to make Scarlett and Giselle more size-inclusive. But for now, here are some pieces I worked super hard on. Enjoy and check them out in my shop here!

October 2, 2020