fools rush in

Got some new products in the shop! I made a couple of these Marie Antoinette-inspired¬†embroidered masks for spring! The “fools rush in” version refers to the scene in the wee hours of the morning when Marie is traveling back from the ball. “Let them eat cake” is, well…infamous. I just love this movie (perhaps inexplicably). I agree that Sofia Coppola is terrible at casting her films with any sort of diversity, but I think she has really nailed the individual feelings that we experience everyday–that’s why I love Marie Antoinette so much. Marie is a queen, but she feels so much and often enjoys the little moments of laying in flowers or sticking her hand out the window on the way home from a night out even more than her insane luxuries.

I hope you’ll check out these new babies in my shop and stay tuned for more collections coming soon!