From the Studio: The Birth of Venus

I’d been dreaming about this beach cave for a while. I came here once just to explore and knew I would be back one day. I was so excited to work with Emma Liegler on this one, she’s an amazing model and makes shooting so easy. The photos, of course, were inspired by Boticelli’s Birth of Venus. I’m always interested in archetypes, particularly those that date back to the classical and biblical era. Venus is obviously linked with the erotic, being the goddess of love, but when I look at Boticelli’s work I think there is something very pure and almost virginal about her. I loved recreating the first moments of her life in this shoot. Her connection to the sea mirrors her power, but having just been born, she is inquisitive and naive as well.

I turned a few of these photos into cyanotypes. I loved the contrast between Emma and her surroundings and I think they made for very strong silhouettes. A few details were lost, but I think they could be recovered by using different papers. It’s all an experiment, you know? I might list a few of these original prints on my eventual store. Would anyone be interested? Who knows.




  1. Wynne

    May 25, 2017

    ethereal <3 she looks perfect. awesome shots!

  2. Katia

    June 1, 2017

    also am 100% a fan of these cyanotypes, they are striking! Definitely put them up in your eventual-store!

  3. Sophie

    June 27, 2017

    In love with the theme and aesthetic of these shots, so beautiful!

    Sophie |