If the Fates Allow

My first zine is here! I’ve had this concept in my mind for a while, and now it’s finally be been birthed. I wanted to create a zine that collected my winter-themed photographs over the last few years, as well as some new writing about some topics I’ve been really interested in. Named after the line from a Christmas song, “through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow…” this zine is all about winter magic. I also created some new embroidered pieces to feature in the zine and to be sold in my shop.

The Fates, the female deities that spin, measure out, and cut the threads of life, can be found in many folkloric traditions throughout the world. The Fates are the Greek iterations of these figures, while the Norns are from the world of Norse mythology. I really wanted to focus on these goddesses as bringers of the New Year especially. At the beginning of the year, we look to the future, setting intentions and hoping to shape our fates in the year ahead. I thought the Fates were really potent figures to look to as we do our own divination. I explore the Fates in several of my articles in the zine, and I made a beautiful embroidered dress featuring the strings, hands, and eye of the Fates. This dress is in my shop now!

I also created a drawstring bag featuring the cover art of the zine, mimicking a bag that the Fates might use to carry their threads and scissors. I haven’t made this available in my shop yet, but I loved making it and testing out this bag design for this and future designs.

I absolutely love the way the zine ended up looking. The printing is amazing and although it took a little longer to arrive than I had originally planned, I’m glad it at least is getting to everyone who pre-ordered in January, and that it looks so stunning. The zine is 30 pages long, and is 8.5×5.5 inches in size with a gorgeous soft-touch cover.

Check out everything in my shop HERE as usual!

Wishing you lots of winter magic and mystery. ✨

December 21, 2022