Old Love

This Valentine’s Day I was inspired by historical personifications of love and made two new re-worked vintage tops for the shop! I was specifically thinking about how artists represented love or heartbreak with a literal heart in medieval manuscripts. Figures are often shown holding little red hearts with arrows in them, as the game of love was thought of as a chivalrous hunt amongst the noble class. Or, like in the ilumination in a book by Christine de Pisan, a goddess of love hovers above a group of people offering up their hearts: a sign that love always wins. Even in the medieval period, which is characterized as being dark and desolate, people were obsessed with the deep, desperate feelings that love brings and I wanted to celebrate the intense human-ness of this quality for Valentine’s Day. And so, two new hand-embroidered tops were born! One is a pale pink Edwardian cami, and one is a 90s bustier corset, both with little hands and pierced hearts on them. Check them out in my shop here!

March 15, 2020