Valentine Love Spells

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I finally have a little collection to share! Valentine’s Day just seems to work for Scarlett and Giselle: it’s a beautiful time to experiment with really feminine, dreamy themes and to focus on beautiful lingerie pieces. This Valentine’s Day, I took the idea of love and self-love spells as inspiration, creating one-of-a-kind embroideries with the intention to attract love (of all kinds) to the wearer woven into them. I did a couple of pieces I call “Sacred Heart, Bedroom Eye” pieces, that feature rich red hearts and sleepy-sexy eyes. I had so much fun working this sort of ex-voto theme into a wearable charm. I also did some wearable Valentines, which had heart shapes embroidered over the busts with love notes inside them.

I recently got a Polaroid camera–one of the new ones that can be used in Manual mode when linked to your phone (ah, technology)–and I’ve loved taking photos of my pieces on Polaroid film. It just adds such a dreamy effect to them, and they serve as little keepsakes for me to remember each of my pieces by after they are sold. I really liked the way this collection came together. I think in the future I would like to do editorials that are a bit more of a production (like I did with my Persephone pieces), but I’m definitely happy with these photos. I divided these Valentine pieces into two separate releases–the Bedroom Eyes first, the Wearable Valentines actually on Valentine’s Day. The Bedroom Eyes pieces are certainly a bit darker and more vampy, while the Wearable Valentines are more dreamy–but as I talked about on my stories lately, I think the blatantly dreamy pieces can be a little unsettling too. The purple prom dress really reminded me of the prom scenes in The Virigin Suicides —like it’s part of this dream that isn’t really real or possible. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my take on wearable love spells, and check out the pieces in my shop!

The “Only Eyes for You” dress: a ruby red long A-line dress beaded and embroidered with sacred hearts and bedroom eyes.

The “Sacred Hearts, Bedroom Eyes” robe: a vintage nylon robe with beautiful bell sleeves, embroidered and beaded with a sacred heart and little hearts around the bottom. Very Love Witch-y.

“St. Valentine’s Hearts” garter belt: a super-stretchy roll-on garter belt beaded with sparkly red hearts.

The “Sacred Heart, Bedroom Eye” corset: a gorgeous white corset embroidered with a sacred heart and reworked with added red ties for a feminine touch.

“i swear by all the flowers” dress: a purple prom dress reworked with heart-shaped Valentine at the bust outlined in fabric flower petals and embroidered with a line from my favorite e.e. cummings poem.

The “you have bewitched me body and soul” corset: a BRIGHT red lace corset embroidered with a red Valentine with a hand holding a heart and Mr. Darcy’s line from the dawn scene in Pride and Prejudice. Because that is simply the most romantic thing I can imagine. ❤️

Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and whatever or whoever you love ❤️

October 11, 2020